We offer access to European directors' dealings for investors. The service comprises 15 European countries. The number of companies under coverage exceeds 5,000. We offer a full history for most companies. Our data is constantly checked for plausibility by analysts and with proprietary algorithms.

Directorsdealings.eu offers you a number of very useful alpha-generating tools designed to help investors make informed decisions and screen for investment opportunities. You can choose from a wide array of services regarding our data, ranging from web access with customisable tools and views to tailor-made solutions including data feeds.


  • Real-time Updates
  • Standardised Data
  • High Accuracy
  • Broad Coverage

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  • Web Access
  • Customized Data Feed
  • Alpha-generating Tools
  • Email Alerts

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01 October 2007 - 2iQ Research launches the first Pan-European directors' dealings database

Coverage of 15 European countries and 5,000 companies